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AS Unit 1 Russia
This course studies the developments in the USSR from the death of Lenin to the death of Stalin.
In this unit students will study the challenges to Tsarism, beginning with Alexander II and ending in the demise of Tsardom under Nicholas II

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In this unit you will investigate Britain in the years 1945 to 1951. Britain needed rebuilding after World War II and faced the period governed by the first majority Labour Administration. The Labour Governments 1945-51 introduced wide ranging welfare reforms, nationalisation, and led Britain into the Korean War. It also faced massive problems economically, in terms of foreign relations and even the weather!

In this unit you will investigate how Britain fared under thirteen years of Conservative Government. Britain was a very different country in 1964 to 1951. There were considerable advances but was this because of, or inspite of, Conservative rule? In this period the welfare state continued; Britain became embroiled in the Suez War, there was talk of an 'affluent society' and there were considerable cultural changes. Were these thirteen wasted years or the dawn of affluence?