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  • Welcome to Sexey's Moodle

    What is Moodle?

    Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that allows teachers to extend their classroom onto the web.  It is not a program to replace face-to-face teaching, but to support it with a range of flexible on-line tools, as well as providing a place to upload resources for revision and research. Each subject is supported by Moodle and it is also the portal that we use to provide access to information about your children.

    Parents and Moodle

    Parents at Sexey's have full access to the subject departments pages so you will be able to see what topics your children have been doing and what they will be doing in the future. There is also the facility to identify personal information about your child.

    • Logging on to Sexey's Moodle?

      LoginYou will receive a username and password to log on to Moodle in the first half term after your child enters the school.

      Links to the site are available from the school website and often you will receive communications with a link to a certain page on the site.

      Some of the Moodle pages are open to all, but logging in will allow you to see personal information about your child.

      The bottom row of Icons are links to external websites/pages including the school calendar, the schools twitter feed and Office 365, Show my Homework and resources.

      To change your password once logged in click here

      • Navigating Moodle

        MISMoodle is a web based resource that you can access using any device that has a web browser. It has links and drop down menus like any other web site plus a few more specialist tools.

        The home page provides access to the subjects department pages. These are structured to make it self-evident where resources are so that the students can find the information quickly and easily.

        The menu structure across the top of the page provides access to the day to day information that students in the school will need. These are menu based and hovering over the header will provide you with a number of options.

        When you enter the subject area, the page will expand to show all subject areas and on either side of the screen (or aligned vertically on the extreme left) are a number of 'blocks' that provide access to certain tools and information.

        Also available through the Parental Info Icon and of most interest to begin with is the MIS Integration block which provides access to personal and up to date information about your child. These blocks can be 'docked' to the left hand side if you want to maximise your screen space.

         ***Remember that Moodle is a web based technology so you can bookmark any pages you visit often in your internet browser***

        • What information can I see about my child?

          When you log in to Moodle and select "Parental Info", you will see a block in the top left titled MIS Integration. The "Children" link within this block will take you to specific information about your child/children, including

          Attendance - this is a live record of attendance, updated as registers are taken. Historic data can also be viewed from here.

          Timetable - you can see your child's timetable for the week here (and for those students with a tendency to lose theirs they can also be printed off from here)

          Documents - This provides access to students Effort Grades and Annual Reports and also any SEND or medical documentation so that you can check the currency of the information we hold

          Family contacts - You can use this to check the school has the most up to date contact information for you.


          • How can I help make Moodle@Sexey's better?

            If you have any comments or suggestions for us to make the Moodle site a more useful tool please let us know on