Topic outline

  • General

    It is important to be aware of each of the musical eras and the composers within each period but also be able to recognise styles and important developments within each of these periods.
    Read the information and listen to the extracts carefully to supplement the information and listening done during lessons times.
    Click on the link to hear the extracts.

    Before starting on the Medieval music section read the section on Roman and Greek music as this is important background information.
  • Topic 1

    Medieval Music Approximately 1100 - 1400 AD
  • Topic 2

    Renaissance Music Approximately 1400 - 1600

    Here are some useful links. Some have background information and some have listening material.
    Renaissance music - sound junction website
    Online lesson about Renaissance music from Music at School
    • Topic 3

      Baroque Music Approximately 1600 - 1750
      • Topic 4

        Classical Music Approximately 1750 - 1820
        • Topic 5

          Romantic Music Approximately 1820 - 1900
          • Topic 6

            Twentieth Century/Modern Music Approximately 1900 - today